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Evacuation drill at night


In order to popularize the  evacuation knowledge, enhance the employees’ escape techniques even the disaster happened on night time, learn self-help and mutual help, make them orderly and rapid evacuate from the accident spot  according the escape routes to avoid personal injury ,on 6 :10PM of 2010-Oct-20th we hold  fire drill. Altogether 270 people took part in this drill  include  General Manager﹑middle-level managers and all the 2nd shift & 1st shift overtime staffs. After 5 minutes 41 seconds , all people retreated to the safe zone. At last, the vice plant manager made a concluding speech. First of all he fully affirmed and  appraised the employees’ good performance in the drill and he asked the staff actively participate in the company's fire safety work, also through these drills better acquainted with the emergency evacuation procedures, master the escape and self-help common sense.
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