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> Definition:

QC Group is a small collectivity made up of people working on the front line and persisting in the quality management and improvement of the products, of the services and of the working.

Running by itself, the small collectivity practices both self-elicitation and mutual -elicitation with creativity under QC spirit and the law. The aim of this activity is to enhance QC group members ability, develop a lively working place, upgrade customers satisfaction and contribute to the society.

  > Summarize:

Since the success of the first QC Group Publish Convention in 2005, we have held the QC Group Publish Convention for four sessions. The experiences approved that the QC activities can really improve the quality and the efficiency of our produce and services by our staffs hard working and contribution with the upgrade of their innovation consciousness and improvement consciousness and at the same time the caring for the working environment and surroundings being enhanced.

The 3rd SSK QC Group
Publish Convention
The 4th SSK QC Group
Publish Convention
  > Definition of TPM (Total Productive Management)
  The aim is to pursue the maximum efficiency (compositive efficiency) of the produce system.
  Construct precaution system for all the disaster, badness and waste by changing peoples consciousness and exercising various instruments.(Final aima precaution system of disaster0badness0waste0)
  Include from the produce department to all the other ones as development department, sales department and manage department etc.
  Participators are ranging from the top management to the workers on the front line.
Just as the definition, TPM is an enterprise innovation activity pursuing the maximum efficiency (compositive efficiency) of the produce system and want to get rid of all the disaster, badness and waste.

TPM activity is composed of 6 main parts as Equipment Preservation, Quality Preservation, Specific Improvement, Affair Improvement, Environment Preservation, and Elite Development. Each part is ameliorating the company in all aspects with their own systemic practice methods.





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