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With the purpose of new employees obeying the company bylaw, of learning the company history and the general information about the enterprise, and of enhancing their safety consciousness and knowledge, we organize education for new employees and safety education every time there are new people joining in.

We believe that through the education, new employees can have a further understanding of the company and will be willing to devote themselves to the work with high morale.

Practical training for new employees

In order to make new employees familiar with the job content , be equiped with a certain quality awareness, we set up a quality & safety training class. The on-job training included the following main aspects, such as: observe the product structure、component; PPH(Past? Problem History) illustration、protective equipment、gauge using、boundary sample recognize etc. Thus every new employee will have a basic understanding to products, on the other hand, will enhance the production capacity both in quantity and in quality.


Once becoming a member of the company, we conduct different OJT education and training in accordance with different positions. It is efficient to develop staff's comprehensive ability through courses such as Ethics Education, training in the usage of the gauges, report, contact, negotiation, TQM Trainingand PDCA Training etc.


Through internal or external training, employees who pass the test or interview either held by the company or the nation will be identified with the language certificate (original) or his/her language capacity. Anyone be identified OK will be encouraged by granting technique qualification allowance.



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